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“Bonding” is an immediate direct method of improving the shape and/or colour of your teeth in the surgery. It is done using an add-on technique and is non-invasive and not destructive of natural tooth substance. Composite Resin Restorative Material (A Dimethacrylate) is used, and as no laboratory stages are required (like with porcelain restorations), it is a cost effective method of improving the appearance of your teeth. It is not permanent and will require some maintenance i.e., polishing and repairs as the material will sometimes chip and stain. Whilst every effort is made to minimise these occurrences it is impossible to guarantee “Bonding” and estimate how long it will last in individual circumstances/lifestyles.
It is advised that to prolong any anterior bonding that tearing Sellotape or cotton with your teeth should be avoided.

Some excellent results are achievable very economically and immediately. It is used to veneer discoloured teeth, disguise mildly crowded teeth, close gaps and recon tour teeth e.g. peg laterals.

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