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Micro abrasion

Micro abrasion is a method that can be used to remove the stains, white flecks and surface discolourations from your teeth. The treatment is quick and painless, requiring no injections and is often permenant, dependant on the type and extent of the discolouration.
One of the conditions we see among children is discolouration. A number of conditions can cause discolouration of permenant teeth. For example, trauma to a baby tooth, an infection around a baby tooth, and high fevers or prolonged illness during childhood can cause discolourations. Fluoride can also cause some white or brown disclourations of the teeth when a child receives a high dose over a period of time.
Micro abrasion has proven very successful at removing many of these disclourations.

During micro abrasion, dentists carefully rub minute abrasive particules of aluminium oxide onto the tooth to rapidly remove the surface marks.
This has proven to be very successful at removing many discolourations but is particulary effective with brown stains. White discolourations are often improved and sometimes totally eliminated. Some teeth have a ‘speckled’ appearance, showing a lot of white spots all over the tooth which can be improved with microabrasion so the colour of the tooth is more even and more natural looking.
Some teeth have a deeper , irreversible stain or discolouration, the result of trauma, root canal therapy or medications such as tetracycline. These deep stains are not improved by microabrasion.

If the discloouration is particulary stubborn alternatives to microabrasion will need to be considered such as bonding and porcelain veneers and crowns.

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