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Root canal treatment

What is Root Canal treatment?

Root Canal treatment is a means of saving a tooth that has been damaged by infection, deep decay or injury. The purpose of treatment is to restore the tooth to good health so that it can function properly inside your mouth. The only alternative to root canal treatment is to have the tooth removed.

Why should a tooth need to be root treated?

Deep inside every tooth is a pulp chamber and root canals that contain a living tissue called the pulp. The pulp is often mistakenly called ‘the nerve’ but in fact it contains a fine network of blood vessels. If a large cavity in a tooth reaches the pulp or if a tooth breaks bacteria can reach the pulp and infect it. The root canals then become infected and inevitably an abscess forms in the bone and around the roots. Pain (sometimes severe) may occur at any time during this process and the infection can spread.

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