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Our fees

Treatment Fees and Terms

Our fees reflect the advanced skills of our dentists, hygienists and ceramic technicians who use the very finest dental materials and dental equipment. Every patient will be presented with a full treatment plan along with a clear explanation of all the options available, there are no hidden surprises.

Our aim is not to let expense prevent you from benefiting from all aspects of dentistry whether clinically or cosmetically based. We are confident that we can deliver the healthy and attractive smile that you desire and deserve.

To facilitate this goal we have the following financial options:

Smiles Better Dental Plan

Welcome to the exciting launch of the Smiles Better Dental Plan, an attractive and cost effective plan for dental treatments, unique to our practice.

Research has proved conclusively that people with healthy gums and teeth not only have a better quality of life but also have decreased levels of diabetes, digestive problems and heart disease. Our plans are designed to help you reach and maintain your optimum health by encouraging essential and preventative care by having affordable and regular oral health reviews. A small problem can then be easily diagnosed and treated, saving on what may be a costly treatment later and overall health can be maintained.

It is for this reason that we would like to invite you to become a member of the Smiles Better Dental Plan.
As an exclusive member you will join a specific plan tailored to suit your needs that will cover all your examination and routine hygiene visits. These will be covered by one simple monthly direct debit payment.

As a member you will benefit from-

•Affordable monthly payments
•10% savings on treatment (excluding implants and specialist care)
•Comprehensive dental health assessments
•Preventative care for long term health
•Advice and hygiene therapy tailored to your needs
•Oral health screening
•Smile makeover advice
•Worldwide accident and emergency insurance (please speak to our practice manager for more information)

Smiles Better Dental Plan includes-

•2 examinations per year
•Radiographs as required
•10% discount on fee’s (excluding specialist treatments)
•Emergency worldwide cover
•Guaranteed registration

All of our plans can be tailored to suit your individual needs. The standard Smiles Better Plan has three options-

Smiles Better Plan inc.
2 visits pa to the hygienist………………..£14.18 per month

Smiles Better Plan inc.
3 visits pa to the hygienist……………….£18.38 per month

Smiles Better Plan inc.
4 visits pa to the hygienist……………….£22.37 per month

Fees and Discounts

Routine Dental Examination – Pay As You Go £36 – Our Dental Plan Included
Initial New Patient Examination – £36
Small Radiograph – Pay As You Go £13 – Our Dental Plan Included
Large Scan X-Ray – Pay As You Go £49 – Our Dental Plan Included
Visit to the Hygienist – Pay As You Go £49 – Our Dental Plan Included
Extractions – Pay As You Go From £103 – Our Dental Plan From £86
Root Canal Treatment – Pay As You Go From £330 – Our Dental Plan From £300
Composite Restorations (White Filling) – Pay As You Go From £103 – Our Dental Plan From £92

*Please speak to our receptionist for more information*


The alternative payment method is just to pay as you go along so you’ll just pay for whatever you have done on the day. You can spread your appointments over time to help spread the cost.

*When you receive your treatment plan we can discuss which payment method will be most suited to your needs.*

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