Seven ways to keep you safe

As our practices begin to reopen, we have put together seven simple ways to keep you safe whilst you are in our care.

Thorough screening

All patients will screened for symptoms before entering the practice, if any symptoms have been present, they will not be seen. Our colleagues are also required to be vigilant of any symptoms when they arrive at the practice every day.


Patients will be required to sanitise their hands on entry and when they leave practice.


We have allowed extra time to thoroughly clean and disinfect treatment rooms between each patient. 

Air Purification

Where possible, we have rolled out the installation of air purifiers within treatment rooms where Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) are taking place to further sanitise the air.

    Air Purifiers

    Social distancing

    Current social distancing rules will be adhered wherever possible. To provide the best possible care once within the treatment room, this will not be possible which is why we are taking extra precautions with additional PPE etc.


    Our colleagues and clinicians within practice will be wearing enhanced PPE gear – different levels depending on what procedure you are attending for. You will also be provided with your own mask on arrival

    Virtual Consultations

    We have introduced virtual consultations to enable us to see as many patients as possible in the safest possible way.  A convenient and safe way for you to speak to your clinician. 

    Our new patient journey

    Every single decision we have made and step we have taken has been with a focus on the safety of you, our colleagues and clinicians.